To make the most out of your online presence you need four things:

  • Website. A landing page that adds professionalism and lets your customers know you are serious about your craft.

  • Video. If you don’t have a good video, you are leaving a lot on the table. People want to work with people. It helps build trust, familiarity, and they can envision themselves working with you.

  • Email Marketing. How do you communicate with your customers? If only have a few, this isn’t a problem, but what happens when you get to 10,000? That’s where email automation comes in.

  • Copywriting. How are you communicating with your audience? Are you triggering their emotions by using the language they use? Are you referencing the correct target market?

These are the four core building blocks of what I do and what I focus on.

Of course, every business is different and you may not need all of these. Contact me for a quote and tell me about your most pressing needs.

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